My covers of Cat Stevens   songs


Available songs:

Cómo contarte (How can I tell you)

Ruinas (Ruins)

Don't be shy

Llevarás razón (Maybe you're right)

Sweet Scarlet


Triste Lisa (Sad Lisa)

Silent Sunlight


Cómo contarte (How can I tell you)   

A very moving Cat Stevens song. This is my humble version. I've translated the lyrics into Spanish.

Spanish Lyrics                       Original lyrics by Cat Stevens

JJC: Voices, acoustic guitars and keyboards.

I recorded this song in February 2004. There's anything artificial indeed. All the instruments were recorded live. I only used the Multieffects processor Midiverb that I bought time ago and is used by Q3 in the essays and in their preformances.

Ruinas (Ruins)         

After last news in Middle East, this song of Cat Stevens has more relevance than never before. I've written the Spanish lyrics respecting, I think, the original spirit of the original lyrics.

Spanish lyrics                              Original lyrics by Cat Stevens

JJC: Voice, acoustic guitar, synthesizer and drum programming.

It was recorded in October 2003. The synth that I play is made at my computer, not from my Yamaha. The acoustic guitar is an Ovation that, plugged, sounds wonderfully.

Don't be shy                                 

   A very personal version of this song that appeared in the soundtrack of "Harold and Maude".

JJC: Voice, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and programming.

This recording dated in December 2002. It's very infidel to the original. I only sing a little part of the lyrics. I added a very personal arrengement with synthesizers.

Llevarás razón (Maybe you're right)  

This is a song about discussions inside a couple. My translation into Spanish attempts to maintain the original spirit of the song.

Spanish lyrics           Original lyrics by Cat Stevens

She really is always right.

JJC: Electric guitars, voice, keyboards and programming of bass, synths, drums and percussions.

Recorded in September 2002, after a lot of working in. I changed the original rhythm to reggae, , it was an idea of mine. But I am not the first that makes a song of Cat like a reggae. Jimmy Cliff and Big Mountain did it before, so I am not so original.

Sweet Scarlet      Sweet Scarlet? Sangría.

A pretty song of love by Cat.

JJC: Voice and piano MIDI programming.


I like so much this song that I wasn't shy enough for not recording it, though my voice... I recorded it while Christmas time 2000-2001, a little time before my dad pass away.

Sitting        Lyrics

A classical good song of Cat Stevens. I was very impressed by it the first time I listened it. I still like it very much.

JJC: Voice, electric guitars and programming.

Same as the one above, I wasn't blushed when I recorded it in May 2001.

Triste Lisa (Sad Lisa)                          

This is another Cat Stevens'classical song. It's a song supporting a depressed friend.

Spanish lyrics               Original lyrics

JJC: Spanish and acoustic guitars and voice.

This song was recorded a few time before the cover made with Peter. Here I play the solo with a classical guitar, instead the fiddle of the original, because I, snifff, don't know how to play the violin. I recorded this cover i March 2003.

Silent Sunlight 

An ecological song from the Catch Bull at Four album.

JJC: Ovation acoustic guitar.  

This cover have nothing to do with the original. I've recorded it as an instrumental with a single guitar. I made it around February 2005.