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  In this corner you can find out a lot of songs, covers, etc, that I've made along these last years. A lot of them you'll think that are bad, you will say "psss" about another ones, and  you will enjoy just a few of them, at least I hope so.

I've made different sections. Through the links that you can find out on the left of this page, you can enter in them. There, I give you an explanation about the recording issues, their story, if they have anyone, lyrics, etc. 

I recognize that I am not a little kid, and I don't want to be it neither. If you listen some songs, you can notice how the years have flown. And, of course, I beg your pardon because of my (bad) voice when I have been so brave to sing myself.

I've divided the songs into different categories. First, those that I've made with some friends of covers of Cat Stevens' songs. After that, covers made by me of Cat Stevens and others songs. The songs written by me have been divided in four categories: Instrumentals, Love Songs, Sad Songs and Others. Without listening to them, you shouldn't give your opinion. So, listen and enjoy them, if you want. If I get that you like any of them, just one, I will be the happiest guy of the world.