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Available songs:

Where do the children play?

The wind

Father and son

Sad Lisa

Portobello Road



Where do the children play?    

 A song about, though we are inventing so much machines and  technologically advanced gadgets, how we are losing quality of life because where do the children play?   

                      Peter : Voice            LYRICS                  

                      JJC:  Keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals and drum programming.

Recorded during Christmas of 2002. We put a lot of imagination, plus Internet, of course. Peter lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Madrid. But the miracle came true.  

The wind       

For me, a masterpiece. It demonstrates how a very simple song can become wonderful.

Peter: Voice                                                     LYRICS

JJC: Acoustic guitar.  

We recorded this song using the same system than in Where... It was our first collaboration. I must recognize that it was a proposal of Peter, and I thank him a lot this idea. I hope you will enjoy it also. It was recorded in the middle of december 2002.

Father and son                   LYRICS    

In this picture you can see me in the shade by my son Javier in front of the old Cat Stevens home in London, very near New Oxford Street..

One of the great songs of Cat Stevens. It talks about relationship between fathers and sons and how they must fly alone in some moment.

JJC: Acoustic guitar and "father" voice.

Fernando: "Son" voice.

Rest of instruments: PK Hoffman.

It is also a "cybercollaboration". Right now, Patricia lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a esceptional musician. My part and that of my nephew, Fer, was recorded in March 2002.

Sad Lisa                       

A song supporting a sad friend.

Peter: Keyboards, percussion and voice.

JJC: Keyboards and acoustic guitar.        LYRICS

Another collaboration of Peter and me. Here Peter demonstrates how good singer he is. It's recorded in May 2003.

Portobello Road

One of the old songs from the last sixties.

Manolo Tomeo: Electric guitar.

JJC: Voice (????)                        LYRICS

Though we both met sometimes, this song is actually a cybercollaboration. He lives in Zaragoza. I hope to drink another beers with him not so long.

Moonshadow          LYRICS

This song was written by Cat while he was in Spain for vacational time. It's like a children tale. It's a classical.

Peter: Voice.

JJC: Acoustic guitars, percussion and backing vocals.

Another recording with Peter, made in April 2003. Peter asked me many times for recording the choirs lower. It was not weird. My voice sounded too loud, haha.