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In these pages, I don’t pretend anything but to make you pass a good time. Obviously, I am not a professional of the humour, but if I get to make you smile, good for me.

Of course, this page is also available in Spanish. Naturally, what I have written or recorded you must read or listen it in my  language.

I have divided this page of humour in different sections.

First ones are the most international: videos, machist corner, black humour, catched somewhere. Almost all the material is a mix of videos, power point presentations, jokes, audio and some picture.

Next ones are only available in Spanish. They are “mis cosas”, “relatos”, “recetas de cocina” and “tratado de la lengua castellana”.

All the sections are opened for your suggestions or contributions. I will thank you if you send me your ideas. And you can get the glory being a contributor of this site, that will be one of the best of the net soon, at least I hope so. I am a little naïve.....